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Discount Coupon

Discount Coupon Information

If you possess a Discount Coupon Code for any classes or products, you will have the chance to enter that code during the checkout process. If your code is not working, please check that it has been entered correctly! If you are still having problems, please call Joe Ponzio at 614-581-5700 to correct the issue.

2018 Universal Discount Coupons

Choose one of the following Discount Codes that apply to your class registration. After choosing your class, proceed to the checkout, and on the final checkout pages there will be a box for you to enter and apply your Discount Code. Your final total will be re-calculated before completing your checkout!

Coupon Discounts Valid ONLY With Online Payment!

  1st Time Attending A Class With Ohio Electrical Training ~ (1st Time Attendance * 10% Off)


Prepay Online When Registering For A Class ~ (PrePay Online * 10% Off)


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