SHIFT Restaurant - Mar 02, 2022 (Wed)

🎓  NEC 2020 Analysis Of Code Changes  🎓

Wednesday ✺ March 02, 2022

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SHIFT Restaurant & Bar

24253 State Line Rd.
Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025
(812) 747-7512

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Please Note:
The Full Day Class Cost is based on an "8-hr Class" and includes all of the following: (if needed)

  • EL ✲ HV ✲ PL ✲ RE ✲ HY
  • (OCILB 4/8.hrs)
  • Ohio Electrical Inspector
  • (ESI 8.hrs)
  • Kentucky ME/EE (only)
  • (6.hrs)
  • North Carolina
  • (4/8.hrs)

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    Please choose the needed Class Hours from the drop-down box below. The correct cost will be calculated in your shopping cart!

    If you wish to pay by cash, check or credit card on the day of the class, choose "Pay On Day Of Class" during checkout.

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    Class HOURS:

  • 07:30AM - 04:00PM (8-hrs)
  • 07:30AM - 01:30PM (6-hrs)
  • 07:30AM - 11:30AM (4-hrs)
  • 07:30AM - 09:30AM (2-hrs)

  • Page Spacer Class COST:

  • 8-hrs - $145
  • 6-hrs - $120
  • 4-hrs - $85
  • 2-hrs - $45

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    Carol Ross, OCILB

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    Carol Ross Carol Ross will visit and speak at our Code Class!

    Carol serves as Executive Secretary for the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB). Before she became Executive Secretary of the OCILB in 1996, Carol served for 27 years as Assistant Chief in the Bureau of Building Code Compliance, where she coordinated inspections for structural, electrical and plumbing inspectors and supervised administrative staff. Carol has provided outstanding customer service to the Ohio construction industry for many years.

    OCILB-Logo2 Carol will be speaking at our class to answer your questions concerning your Ohio Contractors License, the Renewal Process, and will discuss upcoming OCILB News & Changes that affect the licensing industry!
    Some discussion topics include Residential Licensing, State Reciprocation and License Usage.

    Have Your Licensing Questions Ready

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    ⚠   This Class Has Already Been Completed   ⚠

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