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Dayton - Sep 9, 2011 (Fri)


I attended this 10 hour class located in Dayton. I have attended many other classes from various instructors in the past and would rate this class as one of the best. Joe Ponzio the instructor did a great job of preparing the material and was able to keep the class time moving without getting bored to death. Joe would also let the class take over at times to talk about issues concerning us and also problem solving among one another. This makes for the best inviroment to learn in. He was always able to pick up right where he left off without missing a beat. When Joe was asked a question he could always give a correct answer in laymens terms that all could understand and would give code references to back it up. All in all I would recomend this class to all and I will be back again for my continued education with Joe Ponzio and Ohio Electrical Traning. THANKS JOE
Date Added: 09/13/2011 by Tony Cline
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